Speed up your Cloud SaaS applications with our high capacity low latency connections

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We can organise the connectivity to ensure you are getting more then just an Internet connection.  Better quality and lower price  VOICE with Stream-Line Virtual PBX services,  Daily or real-time Backups,  Improved use and response of a multitude of 3rd party SaaS applications.  

Let us know more about what is holding you back and we will come up with a solution to turn that problem into a strength.

High performance business connectivity with unshaped traffic and support without the wait

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Improve the speed in which tasks get done by implementing Stream-Line connectivity.  Our premium connectivity solution delivered over the Chorus backbone allow for unconstrained downloads, uploads and trouble free use of low latency applications.

For more information about how Stream-line can help make technology work for you, call us on 0800 453 750.

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Boost Productivity & Reduce Costs

Have a faster internet speed during your busiest hours. No need to suffer and make your frustrate due to your internet speed.

Share Files Instantly

Share all your files almost instantly on the internet. Our broadband will provide you undistributed internet speed.

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Cloud Storage / Backup

Now store files all your files on the cloud no matter the size. This is extensively save your hardware expenses

HD Video Conference

Our Broadband internet provides you with great speed that allows your company to host HD video conferences anytime – anywhere.

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Access To Global Market

Internet is a gateway to all depths of the world. Now access the global market and promote your business using our Broadband services.

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