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Everyone dreads touching their business PBX.  Understandably this is because PBX systems are often associated as being complex, expensive hardware system where any little feature that is not in your model is extremely expensive or impossible to add.  

With Stream-Line hosted PBX this is not an issue any more.  
  • Our fixed monthly PBX fee includes: 
  • Hosting with worldwide access 
  • Unlimited Upgrades 
  • ALL functionality 
  • Technical support
  • Preferential minutes pricing ( saving some of our client’s thousands a month ).
FREE On-Site demonstration available with no commitment.  Call us to book on 0800-453750

Flexible Solutions That Grow When You Do

Stream-line looks at Where You Are Going, Not Just Where You Are.

With no seat caps or licensing restrictions, our PBX solution puts you in control.  Expand your staff (No Problem), open another office (No Problem) we will reconfigure the extensions on the system for you on our platform and arrange for some new phones to ship to the appropriate location 

For more information about how Stream-line can help make technology work for you, call us on 0800 453 750.

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