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Everyone dreads touching their business PBX.  Understandably this is because PBX systems are often associated as being complex, expensive hardware system where any little feature that is not in your model is extremely expensive or impossible to add.
With Stream-Line hosted PBX this is not an issue any more. 

Our fixed monthly PBX fee includes:

  • Hosting with worldwide access 
  • Unlimited Upgrades 
  • ALL functionality 
  • Technical support
  • Preferential minutes pricing ( saving some of our client’s thousands a month ).
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Flexible Solutions That Grows With You

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Stream-line looks at Where You Are Going, Not Just Where You Are

With no seat caps or licensing restrictions, our PBX solution puts you in control.  Expand your staff (No Problem), open another office (No Problem) we will reconfigure the extensions on the system for you on our platform and arrange for some new phones to ship to the appropriate location.

For more information about how Stream-line can help make technology work for you, call us on 0800 453 750.

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All the calls that come to the company are routed through all the phones. PBX allows you to call anyone withing your company using just the extension number. The call routing is not only limited to the PBX phones, you can transfer the calls from your PBX to any smart phone almost instantly.

Now you will have strong communication within the team whenever you need it.

There are not direct lines within the phones, everything is done from the cloud. Thus, keep the look of you company neat and clean with no lose wire running all over the floor.

Internet Routing

Our PBX systems supports VOIP, which means “Voice Over Internet Protocol”. Stream-line will provide phones that will be using internet to send/receive calls. This means, you won’t be paying phone bills as all the calls are going via the internet.

When we talk about cloud, some people may perceive that it would be very difficult to operate. However, using cloud PBX is exactly the same as using any other landline along with extreme addition benefits as of traditional phones.

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Low Maintance

Virtual / Cloud phones are not interconnected with wires and complex hardware system. Technically there is no hardware except the phone itself. 

This means occurrence of technical issues are extensively limited. So, have 24/7 working phone with minimum maintenance cost.

Flexible Routing

PBX phones allows you to have flexible routing benefits. For example, if you want all the calls to be diverted to your smartphone, PBX allows you to do that in few simple steps.

It allows you set automated timer on your phone which transfer the phone call to a different phone if the call is not picked within certain time. Moreover, you have many more options like:

  • Forward calls to other phones / smartphones
  • Forward calls to Voicemails
  • Automatically send you an email if you miss a call
  • Automatically reply with a canned response.

And Much Much More.

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