Benefits of Server Maintenance

Some Benefits of Server Maintenance

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Server maintenance is crucial for running a secure and smooth system within a company. Below are some key advantages of server patches.

Security is the most obvious reason as to why companies would want to patch their servers in the first place. One of the main reasons why software vendors release new patches is to fix security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious software or people intending to damage the IT systems or network.

Applying security patches in a timely fashion highly reduces the risk of having a security breach and all the related problems that come with it, like data theft, data loss, reputations issues or even legal penalties.

An efficient system which deploys patches network wide helps to improve the productivity of the company in many ways. Often patches come with performance improvements for the products they apply to, or fix crashes. Helping employees get rid of these issues will lead to a productivity boost. The improved security also helps productivity. In the majority of cases the worst effect of malware is not the stealing of company sensitive data, but rather the downtime that badly affects productivity. The effect varies from congested networks or slowed down systems because of malware activity, to breakdowns of business critical applications and to systems which are totally compromised and need to be reinstalled from scratch.

Recently compliancy has become an important driver for companies to implement a patch management solution. There are more and more laws and regulations that are imposing security best practices on companies and having the systems fully patched is one of the most important security rules.

Patches can contain new features, adding new functionality or extending support for additional platforms. For organizations this often translates into opportunities to improve or extend their services.