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Stream-line provides a hosting service for other Internet Domain names by utilising our web and mail server resources. So, if you already have an Internet domain name, or would like us to register one on your behalf, we can provide cost effective and secure “webspace” and “email” services for your organisation.

If you don’t already have an Internet domain name, Stream-line can register one on your behalf. Typically, local organisations prefer to use their trading name as their domain name e.g. or Once you have your own domain name, you can have any email address you require attached to the domain name e.g. or

All domain name registrations are subject to availability. Contact us to see if your organisation’s name is still available.

Stream-line can provide either web or email hosting services, or both if you require a complete solution. For example, we could host your domain and website with us or you could have your email services provided by another organization, or vice-versa.

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